FAQ - Everything you need to know


La Casa Coliving

What is La Casa Coliving?
La Casa Coliving is a quality housing solution for people looking for a comfortable place to live, with a garden and located near Paris (less than 30 minutes by public transportation) and a all-inclusive price with a lot of services. Join one of our houses to share your life with community-minded people, happy to spend time together in a beautiful place designed for it. Enjoy an easy recruitment process, meet your futur roommates and if it is a match, move in!

Where are the Casas?
To discover all of our Casas localization, please click here : https://lacasa.io/toutes-les-casas-disponibles. All of them are located under ten minutes away from a metro / rer Station, and reach Paris City Center under 30 minutes.

Do I have to share a room / bathroom with someone else?
In each house, each Résident has his own bedroom and private bathroom and shower. All of the rooms are at the same price for one Casa.

The price

What is included in the prices on the website?
On each house website page, you will see the all-included price for this house. It includes :

- Rental fee - Charges - water, electricity -

- Internet at high speed

- A twice-a-week cleaning service for the shared spaces of the house

- A personal Netflix and Spotify account for each roommate

- An access to La Casa events (afterworks, meetings with other roommates)

- A thematic service specific to your house (example : Casa des Chefs, a monthly cooking class at home with a professional chef).

- Building maintenance

- House insurance

- Foodette service twice a month

- A monthly groceries delivery service for all the house

Is there a deposit for my room?
Yes. You sign a lease for a furnished room, and you will have to pay a deposit when you move in. The amount you pay depends on the house you pick, but it is usually around 1200€.

Can I pay the rent without the services pack?
It's not possible to take the services off the rent.

Are all the rooms at the same price?
Everyone pays the same price no matter what his room is. Each room has its private bathroom.

Do I need a French bank account?
The rent is automatically collected each month through the SEPA system (an account with a RIB and an IBAN). The SEPA system works with French bank accounts, and bank account from other countries. You will need a bank account that works with the SEPA system for La Casa.

My application

How does the recruitment process work?

- Fill up your application online

- Have a video chat with a member of the staff to have your application approved (you might have to get your financial file certified with GarantMe)

- A room is free in a house you fancy ? Get in touch with the Colivers of this house and go meet them (you have to be in Paris for the visit, it is not possible to do it virtually).

- Spend an hour with them, touring the house, see the room and see if you all get along

- 48h maximum after the visit, you know if you are moving in or not !

What is the point of the call with a member of the staff?

- We go through your application to see if you could be a good fit for one of our Casa.

- We check if your financial situation matches our requirements or if we need you to use the GarantMe insurance

- We ask you about your motivations to move into one of our houses - We help you pick the houses thats suits you the best

- We answer all the questions you might have

- If your file is accepted, you can go and visit the house you are interested in !

Do I need to speak french to move in one of the house?
At La Casa, when a room is free, colivers organize a visit to meet potential future housemates and pick him or her among the people they meet. Candidates are going to the house to visit it, see the room and spend some time with the roommates. Candidates and colivers take some time to get to know each other and see if they could get along living together.

Some of our colivers speak english but right now, most of them are French and all of them are not fluent. So, even if you do not need to have a PHD in French, you have to be able to introduce yourself and feel comfortable having a conversation in French. La Casa is a wonderful place to improve your speaking skills, but you do have to speak a little bit when you move in :)

When you apply for La Casa, you get to talk with a staff member to see if your financial file works for us, and convince us that you are motivated. Staff members speak english and can guide you through the administrative process in english if it is easier for you. But in real life with the roommates, you will have to be able to interact in French :)

Can I book a room from another country / city?
You can do the first part of the process from another country / city. But you have to be able to be there for the visit. The whole point of this moment is to see if you could get along with the roommates and see if you like the house. Through Zoom or on the phone, it is not really the same.

How to choose between all of the houses?
As mentioned on point 2, our recruitment process is based on a co-opting system. Sometimes, it will match right away with one of the Houses, and sometimes not. It is quite frequent that a candidate will visit one or two houses before finding the one he belongs to. Through the process, the staff is here to help you pick the houses that suit you best, and to guide you through the different visits. You can use the application CityMapper to see how much time it takes between a house and your workplace for example.

As a foreigner living in France, do I need a guarantor?
It all depends on your professional situation :

- If you have a French contract (CDI or long term CDD), you do not need a guarantor.

- For all other situations, we will ask you to apply for a GarantMe insurance - Garantme is an easy solution for foreigners in France, as long as the insurance accepts your file, we do as well!

Visit Garantme website for more info. https://garantme.fr/en/lacasa

As a company, we can not accept private guarantors (relatives, friends or others). It is not possible either to pay multiple months of rent in advance to have your application validated.

Can I share a room with my partner or with a friend to split costs?
A La Casa, each room is designed for one person and comes with a setting of services made for one - one netflix account, one habitation insurance -. If two people want to move into a house together, they have to go through the recruitment process independently and then sign two leases.

Can I bring my pet to live with me?
No, our houses are pet-free.

I have a child, can we move in together?
Children can not move into the houses.

Is there a minimum duration of stay in a house?
Yes, we ask our colivers to commit for a at least six-month period in La Casa. Our Résident stay 1,5 year in average in their house.

Once my application is approved after the call with a member of the staff, I am sure to get in if I go and visit a house?
No, the staff approves your application and then, the Résidents welcome you in their house for a visit together. It is the occasion for you all to get to know each other and see if you could get along. After this visit, you have to tell the staff whether you would see yourself living there or not, and the Résidents have 48h to give us the results of their vote for your application. You guys choose each other :)

The community life

Who are the Résidents living in the houses?
With 14 houses and about 200 Résidents, we have a very eclectic community. They have between 18 and 50 years old, with an average age at 30. Some are from Paris, others have just arrived… But the main criteria remains motivation :)

Can I have friends over?
At La Casa, you are at home. As long as your roomates are ok, you can have friends over and do whatever pleases you :)

Are the Résidents of one house in touch with those from the other houses?
Yes ! We are doing our best to organize events or moments shared by all the houses. Internal communication channels (private Facebook group, whatsapp channel) help us to do it. And informal meetings are also organized from one house to another by the Résidents themselves.

What is Le Pacte de Colocation?
Alongside the lease, each Résident signs another contract called “Le Pacte de colocation”. This contract includes various rules about the house organization. For example : how many guests each Résident can invite without asking his roommates? Those rules are meant to evolve following the will of the community. Some of those rules are set and can not be changed. In case of serious problems in the community, Residents can vote a red card for the roomate causing problems. Following the contract the roomate signed, this person agrees to leave the house if this happens.

What are the rooms available?
We regularly have rooms available. Check the tab “Les Casas” to see where we are at ;)

Can I work remotely from the house?
Yes. You have a desk and a chair in your room and all houses are equipped with high speed internet. You can also work in the shared spaces if you want… You are home!