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Discover much more than just coliving: a dynamic community of individuals sharing the desire to live and enjoy moments together. Move into a house with a garden, close to Paris, offering a perfect balance between private and communal spaces. With included services and personalized support, every aspect of your life is streamlined for an unforgettable living experience!

Discover much more than just coliving: a dynamic community of individuals sharing the desire to live and enjoy moments together. Move into a house with a garden, close to Paris, offering a perfect balance between private and communal spaces. With included services and personalized support, every aspect of your life is streamlined for an unforgettable living experience!

Our available colivings

Live a unique shared housing experience

Everything is designed for you to enjoy the essence of La Casa: the community! We handle the rest for you.


Join the La Casa community: over 500 roommates, with an average age of 29, ready to live, grow, and have fun together!

Dream houses

Settle into a dream house with a garden and comfortable common areas designed for an XXL shared living experience


Access Paris center in less than 30 minutes by metro or RER (station less than 1 km away)


Enjoy your own bedroom with ensuite bathroom, carefully furnished for maximum comfort and moments just for you.

Included services

Explore our all-inclusive package: practical services (cleaning, maintenance) and social activities (afterworks, monthly roommate dinners).


Rely on our expertise and tools (General Assemblies, Referees, Roommate Agreement) for a harmonious coliving experience

Human support

Benefit from personalized support with an integration program and regular follow-ups with the team for a memorable coliving experience!

Google Reviews: They have tested and are convinced.

4.9/5 77 Opinions
Romain Cottebrune

Romain Cottebrune

il y a une semaine

Je conseille complètement ! Super maisons, bonne ambiance, une organisation au top et des événements intercasas réguliers super pour rencontrer plein de gens intéressants. De plus le fait de vivre dans une maison, avec de l'espace et un jardin, à proximité de Paris, c'est vraiment génial. Je conseille vivement

Lucy Debrion (Jyoti)

Lucy Debrion (Jyoti)

il y a un mois

Le coliving a été une expérience exceptionnelle. Non seulement j'ai pu profiter d'un espace personnel avec ma propre chambre et salle de bain, mais j'ai également eu la chance de créer des liens significatifs avec mes colocs. L'organisation et l'attention du staff de la Casa ont rendu cette expérience vraiment mémorable. C'est bien plus qu'un simple logement, c'est une véritable communauté où l'on se sent chez soi tout en formant des amitiés fortes. Je recommande vivement cet espace de coliving pour une expérience unique et enrichissante ❤️



il y a un mois

Je recommande grandement, les yeux fermés même ! Un staff hors du commun, à l’écoute et disponible ! Une organisation monstre et des événements grandioses ! Sans parler de tous les colocs, toutes Casa confondues, toujours bonne ambiance et convivialité.
Rejoindre une Casa a été pour moi une excellente expérience. N’ayant quasiment aucun lien avec la région parisienne j’ai pu nouer et m’épanouir en toute quiétude, dans un grand cocon !

Guillaume Auriol

Guillaume Auriol

il y a un mois

Une expérience formidable, on y rencontre des gens fantastiques, je recommande à 100% si vous souhaitez découvrir une nouvelle expérience de collocation !!

Lauriane Nallet Khosrofian

Lauriane Nallet Khosrofian

il y a un mois

J'ai adoré et je compte bien garder contact avec mes colocs et venir squater les soirées et vous rapporter des colocs! 10/10

What is shared housing (coliving) at La Casa ?

They talk about their coliving experience


Youna, 29 ans

La Casa has become my "home". I love the energy of the community, we laugh, support each other, and discover things together. It's above all a human experience.


Carla, 27 ans

When I told my family that I was going to live with 13 other people, I think they were very curious, a bit skeptical, and frankly, I admit I was a little scared at first.

An adventure above all human

Live at home, with others

I want to join a Casa flatshare


Find all the answers to the questions you have

Coliving involves living together in a space where several roommates share the same living area. It's a modern way of living together where everyone maintains their independence while enjoying the benefits of a community. In these friendly spaces, roommates, often young professionals or students, come together to share values, experiences, and life moments. Coliving houses or apartments are designed to encourage interactions and exchanges among roommates. It's a more social way of living, where one can feel at home while being surrounded by friends.

Coliving and colocation both share the idea of community living to reduce housing costs. However, coliving provides each resident with their own private space, equipped communal areas for community living, inclusive services, and professional management by a real estate company.

Traditional colocation, on the other hand, typically involves renting a room in a shared accommodation with communal areas that may be less suitable for active residents (compared to families), and more autonomous management by the roommates (subscription to utilities and organization of activities).

Coliving offers flexibility in length of stay and an all-inclusive package, while colocation is often long-term and involves individual arrangements with the landlord. In terms of pricing, both coliving and colocation offer savings compared to individual renting, but coliving provides an "all-inclusive" package while colocation may require additional fees for services and activities.

Definition and Origins

Coliving is a contemporary lifestyle where multiple individuals share a communal living space. Initially developed to meet the needs of young urban professionals seeking affordable and socially connected housing, coliving has become a global phenomenon. It offers an alternative to traditional rental and shared housing models by fostering social interactions, collaboration, and conviviality.

Types of Colivings

There are different types of coliving, including coliving hotels, residential coliving, and community-focused shared housing. Coliving hotels provide temporary and flexible living spaces with hotel-style services, while residential coliving offers long-term accommodations with shared common areas. Community-focused shared housing emphasizes group living, collaboration, and shared responsibilities, creating an enriching and fulfilling living environment for its residents.

When choosing a coliving space, consider the following criteria:

  • - Location: Choose a location that meets your needs and preferences in terms of proximity to public transportation, shops, workplaces or study locations, and leisure activities.

  • - Ambiance and Community: Look for a coliving space that aligns with your lifestyle and values. Explore the community dynamics, the offered activities, and ensure that the overall atmosphere suits you.

  • - Services and Amenities: Ensure that the coliving space offers the services and amenities you need for comfortable daily living, such as wifi, laundry facilities, workspaces, inviting communal areas, etc.

  • - Flexibility and Lease Agreement: Check the rental conditions and ensure they are flexible and tailored to your needs. Pay attention to the lease duration, termination conditions, and the possibility to modify your accommodation as your situation evolves.

What advice can help you make the right choice?

In reality, there are no right or wrong choices, only those that fit you or not! Here are some tips to ensure that coliving is right for you:

  • - Visit Colivings: Nothing beats an in-person visit to get a precise idea of the coliving space and its environment. Take the opportunity to meet current roommates and ask all your questions.

  • - Do Thorough Research: Explore different coliving spaces, read online reviews, check social media and forums to gather information and testimonials about residents' experiences.

  • - Clarify Your Needs: Clearly identify your needs, preferences, and budget constraints before starting your search. This will help you target the coliving spaces that best meet your expectations.

  • - Be Open to the Experience: Keep an open mind and be ready to adapt to new experiences and new people. Coliving offers a unique opportunity to build connections and explore new horizons, so don't hesitate to be surprised.

La Casa was founded in 2017 with the launch of our innovative coliving concept. Our first house opened its doors in July 2018 in Maisons-Alfort, near Paris. Since then, we have experienced rapid expansion, opening over 40 houses that now accommodate more than 500 residents in the suburbs of Paris and in Lille. La Casa is much more than just shared accommodation: it is a habitat designed to foster strong and lasting bonds among residents.

We created this concept in response to the growing issue of housing instability and isolation in major cities, which young people often face. Joining La Casa guarantees not only a comfortable roof over your head but also a dynamic and supportive community, ready to live and enjoy life together.

To begin the application process, click on “Apply Now” at the top right of your screen. Fill in your information, select all the Casas you are interested in, even those that are currently full, and confirm your video call appointment to chat with a Community Creator who will answer all your questions.

Submitting an application does not commit you to anything until you have visited a Casa and met the current housemates.

Our colivings are primarily located in the Île-de-France region, close to the Parisian suburbs, as well as in Lille and its surrounding areas.

All our colivings are connected to Paris or Lille by public transportation (metro or RER). They boast excellent accessibility and are always close to amenities such as supermarkets, markets, pharmacies, bakeries, and organic stores, as well as local attractions. Our selection criteria include proximity to public transport (less than 10 minutes walk to the metro or RER station), a maximum travel time of 30 minutes to reach the center of Paris or Lille, an attractive neighborhood with shops and green spaces, quality facilities, sports and cultural infrastructure, and a safe environment for our residents.

Our colivings are located within the Greater Paris area, in Fontainebleau, as well as in Lille and its nearby suburbs. We are notably present in 22 cities in the Parisian suburbs:

  • Alfortville












    La Garenne-Colombe




    Neuilly Plaisance

    Le Perreux-sur-Marne







  • Gennevilliers

  • Maisons-Alfort

  • Créteil

  • Colombes

  • Rosny-sous-Bois

  • Saint-Maur des Fossés

  • Villejuif

  • Vitry-sur-Seine

  • Ivry-sur-Seine

  • Alfortville

  • Neuilly-Plaisance

  • Rosny-sous-Bois

  • Le Perreux sur Marne

  • Choisy-le-Roi

  • Antony

  • Villeneuve-le-Roi

  • Sartrouville

  • Asnières

  • Châtillon

In some cities, we have opened several colivings, which encourages exchanges and activities with the residents of other Casas. If you haven't found a Casa in your city yet, don't worry! We regularly open new colocations near Paris and maybe soon in your city. Coliving projects in the heart of Paris are also in the pipeline.